How To Get Your Mojo Back When Life Kicks You in the Teeth

Don’t you wish Amazon Prime sold fresh supplies of mojo that you could order whenever life kicked you in the teeth or your confidence was sorely lacking?

If you’re like me, you’ve already stopped reading this to open a new window on your browser where you are now searching through Amazon’s 54,091 results for mojo.

You probably stopped scrolling to look at the Mojo Fun Realistic International Wildlife Toy. For the record, no, I don’t think buying it will help, and, no, it is not realistic. It is plastic and only a few inches tall. On the other hand, it probably has more mojo than I have felt during some of the lower points along the way.

If you didn’t stop at that fun, realistic toy, surely the VooDoo Mojo Mama Doll caught your attention. But I’ll save you some time. It doesn’t ship with pins or even the words to chant, so I’m thinking it doesn’t actually use voodoo or even generic magic to help you with your mojo problem.

Probably the item coming the closest to actual mojo is pretending to be someone with mojo. Amazon can make that happen with this Adult Mojo Man Groovy Costume It most definitely oozes groovy, and he looks like he is feeling plenty fine in his purple and frills.

But if none of those help you find your mojo again, here are a five things I’ve found that can help get it back into full swing.

Give Your Brain a Vacation

Sometimes, it can feel like the only thing to be done is to stick with a problem until it is fixed, but what often happens is that we set up a spiral of negative loops as we start at the same place and wind up at the same unsatisfactory result. When we find ourselves in this kind of rut, the best thing we can do is step back and take a mental break before we try to tackle it again.

Engage Your Senses

When we are consumed with a problem where we feel drained and weary, the solution may not be rest – it might mean getting active. It isn’t about being talented or even good at the activity; it’s about giving ourselves over to the process so that we can engage other parts of our brain and create a new well of energy to draw from when we have to check back into reality. Whether it is going for a swim, trying out a new painting class or visiting the climbing gym for the first time, engaging our senses can help restore our mojo.

Write The Letter – Then Delete It

Quite often, we can’t muster up our passion because we are not addressing the real problem – and we know it. It can often be for a good reason that we are holding back, but even when not saying or doing something is the best course of action, it still drags us down. A great way to get un-stuck and be able to move on is to write the letter and say exactly what needs saying. But don’t do it in an email or text that might accidentally get sent. That will not help you with your passion and will likely make the problem much worse. Also, it’s wise to delete it when you’ve finished. Even if the time never comes when it feels right to say the words to anyone else, articulating your truth to yourself will be a powerful catalyst that can help you move on.

Let Go of Anger

When we’ve been wronged or betrayed, and we’re reeling with self-doubt and recrimination that we could have been so foolish to trust or care, it can feel a lot like self-preservation to hold onto the anger. But trust yourself enough to let go of the anger. We often learn the wrong lesson when being vulnerable has resulted in pain, and we believe that being vulnerable was the flaw. Anger does not protect us from future pain. It prevents us from experiencing future joy. Letting go of the anger is one of our most powerful tools in reclaiming our mojo.

Remind Yourself of Your Why

When we experience rejection or failure, it can really shake our confidence. We can lose the passion and excitement that others around us depend on to move forward despite the setback. We can find ourselves focusing on the how – what went wrong, what to do different, whether we have what it takes to try again. But when we remind ourselves of our own why, it can change our focus from the problems right in front of us to the bigger picture – and when we are once again immersed in the reasons why we wanted to begin our journey in the first place, we often find that some of the problems we were facing don’t seem so big or insurmountable.

If none of these work for you, there is always this wonderful find on Amazon: a book to teach you Total Cat Mojo. It might not help you get back your own mojo, but it might help you understand your cat – and since cats have an abundance of attitude and mojo, yours just might be willing to share some with you.