New 'Bouncer' Is Coming To 'Fortnite: Battle Royale,' But What Is It?

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Credit: Epic Games

It’s not quite the directional bounce pad that we used to have in the game, but it sure looks similar. A new “bouncer” item is coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale, first uncovered by dataminers @Diebuddies and now confirmed by the in-game news feed. It looks to be a placed environmental object akin to a jump pad or trap, and it will have at least one important gameplay function. Here’s the description, as per the news feed:

Place this pad for a big bounce boost – no fall damage!

No fall damage is most certainly the key here. It’s something that gives you a major speed boost when you run into it– while we’re not exactly sure how this is going to work when it actually winds up in the game, it seems to sort of be the reverse of the jump pad: a way to cover a large amount of vertical and/or horizontal distance without taking damage, probably by rocketing off a cliff or one of those ramps people build for jump pads. Fortnite is already a game that prizes speed and mobility above all else, and players with a knack for getting around quickly and cleanly keep getting more toys to play with.

The bouncer would appear to be a match for the recently released shopping cart, a one or two person affair that can give players a major speed boost in the right circumstances and sort of qualifies as the game’s first genuine vehicle. The two together are a recipe for the sort of absurd trick plays that have become standard in high-level streamer Fortnite, and we’re sure to see reams of Youtube compilations mere moments after they’re released. Streaming is a gigantic part of why Fortnite has been so successful, and so it’s not surprising to see Epic releasing some items that appear to keep the game’s most performative players in mind.

It’s a little unclear exactly when the Bouncer will be hitting the game, however. In the past, these items have arrived along with new weekly challenges and a new update, but things are a little bit different after last week when Epic moved the new challenges to Thursdays. It’s entirely possible that the update will still hit on Tuesday, however, and historically items are released very shortly after they arrive in the news feed. Stay tuned.