Seven Motivations To Create A Blog

Many blogs are coming out and they are growing in numbers every day. I’m certain you’ve seen some of them and maybe you’re already an avid follower of many blogs. Since you are now interested in blogs, did it ever cross your mind to try it?

Blogging is simple; anyone who has basic computer skills can definitely do it. So it’s a matter of why you aspire to do it and not if you can do it. Why do people have to spend their time sharing their thoughts using an online blog? Why do people exert extra effort to give quality articles for strangers like their readers? There is a good page that explain this and also below are the 7 leading answers to those queries:

1. For self expression. A blog can be used as a tool to vent their inner feelings. People can rant and rave in their blogs as much as they want. They can voice out their opinions on current topics and have a debate with their readers if they wish. They can take full advantage of their freedom of expression whether their readers would be interested or not (they can choose to log-out anyway.

2. To connect with others. Thanks to the internet, families and friends can connect with each other even if they’re separated by distance. Through blogs, they can post photos and share the latest happenings to others. No one is singled out because they can always visit the blog for any updates.

3. To help one another. Bloggers can create a special link with someone who has the same undertakings and activities in life. Also, bloggers can uplift each other when they are both undergoing pain, be it feelings or wellness concerns. Through blog interaction, they can support each other by means of guidance and imparting lessons in life.

4. Share your expertise. Blogs are full of information. Professional bloggers have a lot to share especially if the topic is their expertise. Businessmen can write about their vision while fashion blog posts can share their styles. They reveal their secrets and expertise to readers.

5. To account their story. Parents who blog about their family generally do it so that their kids would have something to look back into when they grow up. It’s the modern version of the family photo album. A few consider to do personal blogs for the same purpose. Blogs are like online journals anyway, so it’s just normal for people to chronicle their lives in it.

6. Used for ads. Anyone who have items for sale (or sell second hand items) create blogs so that people will be aware of their product. A blog is a perfect place for endorsement because the blogger can tackle all the selling value of the product. Normally, a blogger speak of reviews and product commendation on a blog. Actual photos and feedback about the product is a big help when it comes to endorsement.

7. To have a passive income. Sure, it’s reality. Blogging can generate income. Besides product selling via blog, bloggers can also produce income through ads that are placed on their blog. They can also accept payment for sponsored blog posts.

By creating online articles or blog posts, a blogger is free to share to the world whatever he thinks and feels. So what are you waiting for? Better hurry and make your own blog now!


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