These Photos Show The Galaxy Note 7 Doesn’t Take Better Photos Than Far Cheaper Chinese Phones

Yesterday I wrote about my first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after a few days of use. I thought the phone was great, but really overpriced and overrated (by the myriad of “this is the best phone ever” reviews out there). I wanted to elaborate further on the overrated bit, specifically the Note 7’s camera. For some reason, most reviewers are declaring (and have done so since last year) that Samsung’s shooter is the king of the smartphone photography, that no one else comes close. I am no pro photographer, but I don’t believe that. To me, smartphone photography have kind of plateaued, and every flagship phone can take great photos, including much cheaper Chinese phones. To prove it, I went around town snapping pics with the Note 7, Huawei P9 Plus, OnePlus 3, and Xiaomi Mi 5. As you look through the images, please keep in mind that the latter two phones cost less than half of the Note 7 (while rocking the same processor with equal or superior RAM).

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